Mission and Vision


  • The vision of Ankara Medipol University School of Foreign Languages is to bring the quality of much needed foreign language teaching and education up to the highest level standards and to provide wise solutions for the foreign language problems of our students and partners who would like to receive education;
  • To transform foreign language learning from being a problem to being a professionally carried-out learning experience in terms of physical resources and academic staff;
  • To aim for a new and better future by taking the leading role in foreign language learning with the help of information technology;
  • To provide for the necessary groundwork for those who want to learn a foreign language on top of English;
  • To introduce our students not just to language education, but also to the culture and usage areas of the foreign language they are learning at Preparatory Program and Department English courses.
  • To contribute to the national and international successes of the Ankara Medipol University by rising to a prestigious position amongst similar educational institutions, and to take place amongst schools of foreign languages that provide the most qualified language education in Turkey;
  • To be one of the systematic and successful programs within the Turkish Higher Education System through combining integrated education technology with a well-prepared curriculum based on the academic needs of students, to contribute to foreign language teaching and academe in and outside of Turkey by supporting our personnel in their academic improvement, and to be an example institution amongst the schools of foreign languages within the Turkish Higher Education System in terms of quality standards and practices.


  • The mission of the School of Foreign Languages ​​ is to serve the society by educating individuals who are multicultural, ethical and able to think critically, who have language skills at the level of successfully following the faculty and school programs of which the language of instruction is English or Turkish.

In regards to our students:

  • To help them reach a level of proficiency in foreign language that is necessary for their successful continuation of their studies in faculty and higher-school programs and to support them to improve their studying skills throughout their university education;
  • To help our students increase their potential as self-reliant learners who embody critical and analytical thinking skills, in line with our commitment to the learning approach that takes individuals as a whole.
  • To create a learning environment that makes it easy for our students to get accustomed to the university life, support them to meet the needs of their academic studies and provide them with the means to step into a successful life after graduation.  

In regards to our academic staff and administrative personnel:

  • To present opportunities of personal and professional growth and improvement;
  • To create a professional work environment that encourages an open and questioning attitude in order to support corporate learning.
  • To contribute to the improvement and continuation of the usage of foreign languages within the unit which we are a part of.