FAQ – Preparatory School

1What is the purpose of the Preparatory Program?
What we aim as the preparatory school is to help our students acquire all four skills in foreign languages and use them in both their academic and business lives. We believe this is of vital importance in an environment of global competition and therefore adopt linguistic skills as part of the İstanbul Medipol University’s educational policy.
2How many tracks are there in the English Preparatory Program?
There are four tracks in the English Preparatory Program.
3How many weeks are there in each track?
There are eight weeks in each track.
4When do the tracks start and finish?

The dates of tracks can be checked from the Preparatory School Website at

5Where can I find the academic calendar for the exam dates and holidays?

You can find the academic calendar for the Preparatory School at

6What are the elements of assessment?

The elements in the Preparatory Program are;

  1. a) TA (Teacher Assessments)
  2. b) TAT (Track Achievement Test)
  3. c) Projects
  4. d) MTE (Midtrack exam)
  5. e) Writing Portfolio


7How are the students graded?

Grading has the components as follows:


MIDTRACK EXAM (MTE): Each track will have a Midtrack exam that assesses the progress of the students. This exam constitutes 20% of the track score.


TEACHER ASSESSMENT: Each student is given a weekly TA (Teacher’s Assessment) score by each instructor separately based on the student’s attendance, participation and homework assignments. The average of assessment scores from all teachers of a student constitutes 10% of the track score.


TRACK ACHIEVEMENT TEST (TAT): At the end of each track, there will be a Track Achievement Test assessing students’ progress. This exam constitutes 40% of the track score.


PROJECT: These are applications that enable our students to work collectively or individually and on a previously provided subject. Project evaluations comprise 15% of the Track average.


WRITING PORTFOLIO: It is an collective evaluation of the work they have done to improve our students’ writing skills. Portfolio evaluations comprise 15% of the Track average.

8How are the final scores calculated?
After the mean average of the scores that the students achieve in all four tracks is calculated, 60% of this average point is added to the 40% of the P.L.A.T. exam at the end of the year. If the student’s overall score is higher than 70, the student passes the Preparatory School.
9What is the pass score?
The pass score is 70, which is the 60% of the average scores of the four tracks added to the 40% of the P.L.A.T. exam at the end of the year.
10What is P.L.A.T.?
P.L.A.T. is the language efficiency test that every student who satisfied their attendance obligation takes. Its contribution to the students’ overall score is 40%.
11What should I do if I missed/failed the P.L.A.T.?
Students who miss/fail the P.L.A.T. can take the makeup test, which is another P.L.A.T. exam.
12What happens if I fail in the makeup test?
Students who fail the makeup test or whose overall score is below 70 attend the summer course or take the proficiency exam at the beginning of the new academic year in September. Besides, they can finish the program by having the related exams applied by OSYM.
13What is the percentage of attendance obligation?

If your absentee rate is above 15% of the classes taught, you can attend summer course but cannot take the P.L.A.T.

Total class hours may vary in line with the official holidays and weather conditions.

It is students’ responsibility to keep records of their absent days. Students are not informed about this.

14Is Summer Course obligatory?
Summer Course is a six-week language course applied by the instructors of Ankara Medipol University Language School. It is NOT obligatory.
15Is it possible to skip Summer Course?
Students who do not take part in Summer Course can finish preparatory program by getting a score of 75 or higher from the proficiency exam taken place every September. Besides, they can finish the program by taking the related exams approved by OSYM.
16How can I access to instructors?
Tutorial Hours: You can consult our instructors in office hours which are set before.
17How can I check my scores on MEBİS?

Follow the link below, then sign in via your username and password. Then follow;

https://mebis.ankaramedipol.edu.tr/  - “Öğrenci>Sınavlarım”

18Is attendance obligatory? What can I do if I fail the class because of absenteeism?
The students who do not attend the classes in over 15% of the total lessons in all 4 tracks cannot take the P.L.A.T. test either.
19What can I do if I fail the preparatory class at the end of the year?
You can attend the summer course. Summer course is a language program which is taught by the English Preparatory School Instructors and is a 6-week condensed language course. Attendance is not obligatory. Students who do not attend the summer course can complete the preparatory program by taking a score of 75 out of the proficiency exam held in September every year. Besides, preparatory program can also be completed through the foreign language tests, the equivalence of which is accepted by ÖSYM.
20How can I learn the exam results?
You can learn your scores through “MEBIS” on the university website with your user name and password.
21Is there a proficiency test? How can I obtain the samples of them?

There is a sample proficiency test which is done every September.

You can find sample proficiency exam through the link below:



22Are the books paid? How can I obtain them?
The books are paid. You can obtain them both online and through the booths which are opened by the publishing houses in our school.
23How can I learn about the academic calender?

You can learn about the academic calendar through the link below.



24Are medical reports valid in case of absenteeism?
Medical reports are valid only in case of MT and TAT exams.
25Are there any make-up exams?
There can be make-up exams for MT and TAT exams, yet there are not make-up exams for quizzes.
26What is the location of the campus? How can reach there?

Language School is in Anafartalar Campus. The address is:



Ankara Medipol University (Main Campus Rectorate)


444 20 10


0312 920 10 06


Hacı Bayram Mah. Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 2, Altındağ, Ankara