1What are the English courses’ contents?

We aim to help our students to acquire all four foreign language skills and to use those skills both throughout their academic life and in their career. We believe these skills to be essential in a globally competitive work environment and bearing that in mind, at Ankara Medipol University, we have adopted language skills as part and parcel of the education policy of the university. With this purpose in mind, we offer both Elective and Mandatory English language courses at our university in an effort to support our students in their academic and professional lives. To access the contents and ECTS information of elective and mandatory courses offered at your department, please click on the link below. Then, choose your faculty-department and program.

2When do classes begin and end? Where can I find the exam dates?

You can access the academic calendar drawn up by the university senate via the following link. https://ankaramedipol.edu.tr/ogrenci/akademik-takvim/

Additionally, you are advised to follow the announcements via the following link. https://ankaramedipol.edu.tr/duyurular/

3What are the evaluation criteria?
Your performance at English courses is evaluated based on the grades you will receive from weekly assignments, active participation, midterms, and final exams. For detailed information on passing grades and course evaluation criteria, please check ECTS packages at your department.
4How can I find out my exam results?
You can find out about your grades on “MEBIS” at the university website, using your username and password.
5What is the English exemption exam?

The English exemption exam is administered at the beginning of each semester in accordance with the relevant decision of the senate to recognize previous learning and to determine exemption status of students who already have the learning outcomes of the relevant course.

The exam is not mandatory. Applications are submitted to the Department of Foreign Languages secretariat.

Those who receive 60 or higher grade points at the exam are exempted from the relevant course and their exam grade is transferred to their transcript as the semester grade.

6What is the percentage of compulsory attendance?
Students who have not attended more than 30% of a course are not allowed to take the general exam of the said course. The list of those who are not entitled to take the exam due to their absenteeism is announced and uploaded to the education information system by the lecturer of the course at least one week before the final exam and the administration is informed about it. It is students' responsibility to keep track of their absenteeism. Students are not informed about it.
7How do I contact teaching staff?
Contact time with teaching staff: You can consult our lecturers and professors within predetermined working hours. You can contact them via Mebis, Microsoft Teams or their e-mail addresses.
8How can I check my grades on MEBİS?

To check your grade points on MEBIS, please click on the following link and log in with your username and password: https://mebis.ankaramedipol.edu.tr/ Then, click on "student > My Exams"

9Am I required to pay for the course textbooks? How can I obtain them?
Textbooks are not free-of-charge. You can purchase them both online and at the stands opened by publishing houses in our school.
10How can I get information about the academic calendar?

You can check the academic calendar via the following link:

11Are sick notes/doctor’s notes valid in case of absenteeism?
For students who have sick notes/doctor’s notes because of health problems on exam days and who file an application at department secretariats by the relevant deadlines announced on the university website after each exam, a make-up exam may be set by the department if the application is deemed eligible.
12Is there a make-up exam?
If you miss an exam, you can apply to your department secretariat with a petition that states your excuse. If your excuse is found valid, a make-up exam will be set to substitute the one you missed. The content and application principles of the make-up exam substituting the missed exam may vary.
13How can I get to the campus?

The Language School is located in Anafartalar Campus.

Main Campus


Ankara Medipol University (Main Campus Rectorate)


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